King James Version (1769 Oxford Edition of 1611 Authorized Version)

World English Bible

Reina Valera (in Spanish)

Thai King James Version (in Thai)

Louis Segond 1910 (in French)

Almeida Revised and Corrected (in Portuguese)

Almeida Corrigida Fiel (in Brazilian Portuguese)

Chinese Union Version (in Simplified Chinese)

Hindi Holy Bible (in Hindi)

Riveduta 1924 (in Italian)

Luther Bible (in German)

Swahili Union Version (in Swahili)

Synodal Translation (in Russian)

Modern Hebrew New Testament (in Hebrew)

Tamil Holy Bible (in Tamil)

Arabic Holy Bible (in Arabic)

Tagalog Bible (in Tagalog/Filipino)

Luganda Bible (in Ganda/Luganda)

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